Emily Gates

Active Transportation Manager

Emily brings her expertise and enthusiasm to the organization since 2016. Throughout her time with us, she has embraced various roles and is currently Active Transportation Manager, where she helps to envision a more connected, accessible, and resilient community for all.  

Emily’s passion for creating vibrant, people-friendly streets that are safe all road users has been at the forefront of her most recent work. Emily strives to utilize a collaborative approach to strengthen relationships with local government bodies, community stakeholders, developers and advocacy groups to help advance policies and initiatives relating to micromobility, neighborhood development and Complete and Green Streets.  

Emily’s education background includes a Master’s degree in Sustainable Design from Thomas Jefferson University and a Bachelor’s in Education and Environmental Studies from the University of Vermont. She is also a certified LEED Green Associate and League of American Bicyclist Instructor (LCI). Emily holds additional program certificates in nonprofit and executive business management and leadership.