Employer Services

Transportation’s Impact on Your Business

Rising transportation costs, traffic congestion and other commuting issues affect the well-being of your workforce.

Our region’s economic productivity and quality of life are severely threatened unless we find new approaches and programs to improve transportation to workplaces. Some commuting issues translate into direct dollar costs while others present less tangible, but very real effects upon your business and your employees:

  • The ease or stress of commuting affects an employee’s job satisfaction, morale and productivity.
  • Employees perceive their commute as an extension of their job experience.
  • Job-seekers who cannot drive are challenged to find employment in locations not served by public transit.
  • Some commuters would consider quitting their job or moving to avoid worsening congestion.

Avenues in Motion’s Employer Services address these issues in northwestern New Jersey, most at no cost. We are your local resource providing a suite of employer programs designed to fit your business, such as:

  • Shuttles – First- and last-mile options for your transit commuters
  • On-site events – In-person or virtual informational programs for your employees that cover the commuter tax benefit, alternative commute options, Bike to Work and more.
  • Teleworking programs – providing options that work for everyone to attract and retain talent.


Expand Your Reach
Avenues in Motion can help you set up and manage a shuttle service connecting your work place to transit and enabling your employees get to work efficiently while minimizing your building’s parking problems.

By connecting to mass transit, employers can maximize the size of their employee pool.

Employer-provided shuttle services are most effective when the business is within three to five miles of mass transit. For this reason, areas such as Madison, Morristown and Morris Plains are ideal. Often employers who share a campus or are in close proximity are able to share the costs of operating a shuttle.

Routes are developed to leverage train service and employee schedules.

Bring Your Workplace to our Area

Relocating is disruptive and traumatic for both the employer and the employees. Additionally, some employees may have a longer or more stressful commute.

Avenues in Motion helps employers address the transportation aspects of relocation, increasing employee productivity, enhancing retention and supporting recruitment. We can identify transportation barriers at your new site, help employees form carpools and vanpools, distribute local bus and train schedules, and provide other information to help ease the transition.

Additional Relocation Services

Employee Site Surveys

Developing a commuting program at your worksite begins with learning the commuting needs, patterns and attitudes of your employees. We can design, distribute, collect and analyze a simple on-line survey or conduct focus groups.

Data from the survey identifies opportunities for employees to carpool, vanpool, use public transit, bike or walk, and helps us determine what barriers keep employees from utilizing these options.

Commuting Program Development

We can help you develop programs and incentives like an emergency ride home, a commuter club, zip-code matching parties, on-site transit pass sales, bike/walk promotions, compressed work schedules, flextime programs, or vanpool subsidies to increase awareness of transportation options and encourage your employees to use commute alternatives.

For more information on how Avenues in Motion can help your business, contact Anne Vivino at (973) 267-7600 ext. 101 or send her an email here.