Hydrogen Car Challenge

The Hydrogen Car Challenge (H2 Challenge) is one of two hands-on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) programs offered by Avenues in Motion (formerly TransOptions). The H2 Challenge was first run in 2007, in keeping with our commitment to educate students about the existence of alternative fuels.

The program is open to high school students only and is a perfect follow-up to Junior Solar Sprints. H2 is held annually in December. Please check back in September 2022 for updates or contact Kristen Tomasicchio.

The challenge requires students to design, build and race alternative energy model cars. In the process of designing their car, students learn about fuel cell technology. They are also required to submit a video journal, which presents the team’s concepts, designs and comments.

For additional information about the challenge and other free environmental education programs, please contact Kristen Tomasicchio at 973-267-7600 or send her an email here.

Download the H2 Challenge Rules and Regulations
To view our 2021 H2 videos and winners on YouTube, click here!