Electric Vehicles

Avenues in Motion supports the adoption of electric vehicles in our service area. Electric vehicles (EV’s) are an important tool for combating pollution caused by traditional gas powered vehicles. Air pollution created by the combustion of gasoline has been linked to serious health issues in all age groups and is disproportionately affecting BIPOC communities, click here for more.

EVs run on an electric engine with energy supplied by an on board battery. These batteries can be charged at home, at work or in your community. The energy supplied to these charging locations comes from the state electric grid. According to the NJ EIA 2019 report, 94% of our total electricity generated was from natural gas and nuclear power.

As our state and country begin the process of turning over our gas powered vehicles for more sustainable choices, Avenues in Motion will be there to help answer questions and guide your research. Please check out our list of resources below to get started. Please click here to email us for additional info or questions.

EV Resources

Avenues in Motion’s air quality programs incorporate all of what we do. Clean, healthy air is necessary for and the result of safe, active transportation. To help preserve clean air and improve public health, we educate and work together with the public on sustainably-fueled mobility choices. Our exciting environmental education programs support students as they engineer the future of zero-emissions vehicles.