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Kids On-Bike Classes

Bicycling is a fun, accessible, inclusive and healthy activity that can be enjoyed by families, young and old alike. Teaching kids how to bike safely will make them more likely to continue such habits as they grow older. Avenues in Motion offers a variety of FREE bicycle education programs for children of all ages and skill levels.

For more information or to schedule your child or group to participate in one of our Bike Right® education programs please click here to contact Omeed Rahin or call (973) 267-7600.


Learning to ride a bike is a rite of passage that provides a sense of accomplishment in learning a new, profound skill! This 2 ½ hour outdoor class teaches the safe and effective “balance first” method. Our certified Bike Right® instructors will remove the bike’s pedals and teach balance and control above all else. Your child will learn the basics of starting, stopping, steering, proper bike/helmet fit and adjustment. Our instructors provide upbeat music and positive reinforcement to keep the class motivated. We support various learning styles and will give your child the tools they need to build confidence on two wheels. Click here to find upcoming classes.

BIKE RODEO (Ages 8-13)

Let’s celebrate bike riding and round up some fun! Join our Bike Right® instructors to build skills and confidence behind the handlebars. Larger groups of children will learn basic bike safety skills in our fun and customizable outdoor obstacle course. We will also review helmet fit, seat adjustment, maintenance checks and more. Games, music and sidewalk chalk collide to create a fun and festive learning environment.

CYCLING SCOUTS (Girl and Boy Scouts)

Our Bike Right® instructors can give your group a kick start towards achieving their bicycling merit requirements. Participants will learn about their bicycles, safety gear and how to keep safe and have fun while riding. Our programs are flexible allowing you to ‘choose your own adventure’ from a variety of options to fit your troop’s specific needs.

ADVENTURE CYCLING: Where Rubber Meets the Dirt (Ages 11-14)

Mastered basic bicycling skills? Ready for a new and exciting outdoor challenge? Avenues in Motion is looking for groups to pilot our new adventure cycling program. Intermediate and advanced riders will head off the beaten path and onto local trails to build confidence, positive self-esteem, develop cycling as a hobby and cultivate a deeper appreciation for our natural world.

Kids Indoor Workshops

Bike Right® also offers off-bike and indoor programs for kids of all ages. Check out our safety education programs below.

RIDE RIGHT (Ages 5-10)

Want to discover a new world of biking? Avenues in Motion Bike Right® instructors will teach smart cycling and the rules of the road through interactive games, relay races, roleplaying, crafts and challenges. Bring your helmet, but leave your bike at home.


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BIKE DRIVER’S ED (Ages 11-14)

This program equips young adolescents with the tools they need to transition from riding on the sidewalk to sharing the road with motorists. Participants will explore the importance of wearing a helmet through a mini engineering challenge. Our Bike Right® instructors will facilitate discussions based on vehicular cycling principles and lead fast-paced games to reinforce the meaning of traffic signs.


 Our high school level Bike Friendly Motorist program is geared towards brand new car drivers. Through interactive discussions and videos, participants learn the principles for sharing the road safely with people on bicycles. We’ll cover local law for both motorists and bicyclists, common crashes and how to avoid them, safe passing and how to navigate bicycle infrastructure.