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State Services



ModivCare (formerly Logisticare)

  • Details: ModivCare provides non-emergency medical transportation to NJ FamilyCare/Medicaid clients living anywhere in the state. Passengers should call to request rides two days prior to their appointment.
  • To make an appointment for a ride: 1-866-527-9933 (TTY 1-866-288-3133)
  • For more information about the service, visit:

NJ Transit Access Link

  • Details:
    • Must apply and enroll in the program
    • Access Link shadows local fixed route buses and light rail stations. Access Link service is comparable to the NJ TRANSIT local fixed route bus and light rail systems. Access Link is for people with disabilities who are unable to use the local fixed route bus for some or all of their rides. Pick-up and drop-off points must be within a 3/4 mile radius of an eligible bus route or light rail station.
  • Phone: 973-491-4224
  • Website:


  • The New Jersey Travel Independence Program (NJTIP) teaches individuals with disabilities and older adults how to use public transportation safely and independently. NJTIP customers learn how to read bus and train schedules, plan their trips, pay their fares and take safety precautions. The only cost to customers during training is paying their own fares. Each graduate receives a free one-month bus pass. Training is offered in English and Spanish through one-on-one instruction, individual concierge and trip-planning services, small and large group instructions, and in-school instruction.

Additional information about transportation services in NJ:


Additional Providers and Services



  • Details: Calls can be made to an operator to arrange an Uber or Lyft ride for older adults and people with disabilities.
  • Phone: (855) 464-6872
  • Website:


Life Ride Transportation

  • Details: Transportation service for wheelchair users, people with disabilities, and healthcare providers
  • Phone: 551-225-0080
  • Website:


American Cancer Society


Screen NJ Transportation Services

  • Details: Help patients overcome transportation barriers by providing options to doctors’ appointments, screenings, hospital visits and other health care needs. Program offers round trip transportation options to adult cancer screening services with medical providers throughout New Jersey. This program is open to all adult participants in need of cancer screening services and supports. Please make your request within 3 days of your appointment.
  • Website:


County and Municipal Services

For county services, also check out our Map It Tool to see service routes and more information. 

Morris County

Municipal Dial-a-Ride

MAPS – Morris Area Paratransit

  • Details:
  • Curb-to-curb shared ride service for senior citizen (age 60 or over), veterans, are disabled or live in a rural area and need access to transportation to medical appointments, social services, and grocery shopping. For regular weekday trips, please call at least a week in advance or as early as possible. Phone: (973) 829-8103 or (888) 282 6277
  • Website:

Morris County Shuttle Service


Morris County Organization for Hispanic Affairs

  • Details: Offer free transportation to and from doctor’s appointments, social services appointments, MCOHA offices and other services in the Morris County Area. Submit your transportation request with 36 hours in advance.
  • Phone: (973) 366-4770
  • Website:


Sussex County

Sussex County Skylands Ride (Transportation)

  • Details:
    • Paratransit: for seniors and people with disabilities (No Fare). Suggested donations: $1.50 in county; $3.00 out of county
    • In County: local errands nutrition sites, dialysis, medical appointments, shopping, hairdresser, bank, community services, education/training, employment.
    • Out of County: non-emergency medical appointments, dialysis, therapy, radiation treatments, mental health, specialized hospitals, Veterans facilities.
  • Phone: (973) 579-0480
  • Website (General Info):
  • Website (Fares):


Municipal Transit:

  • Details: Some municipalities offer senior transportation services
  • Phone:
    • Byram Senior Transportation: (973) 347-2500
    • Hopatcong Senior Transportation: (973) 770-1200
    • Newton Senior Shuttle: (973) 534-2967
    • Sparta Senior Transportation: (973) 729-2383
  • Time: For Sparta, call between 1:00 and 3:00 PM


Catholic Charities


Warren Country

Warren County Transportation – Demand Response Service:

  • Details: Services are available to Warren County residents who are persons with disability, senior citizens, veterans, low-income, or who live in certain areas of the county. To determine if you are eligible, contact WCT at (908) 454-4044 or Toll-Free at (866) 594-4044. Transportation is provided to destinations within the county for various needs, including medical appointments, food shopping trips, and trips to the county court house.
  • Phone: Call Easton Coach Company at (908) 454-4044 or Toll Free at (866) 594-4044 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Calls must be made at least three (3) working days in advance of the day of the needed trip
  • Suggested Fare Policy: The suggested fare is $1.00.
  • Visit Website for more information:


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Updated November 2023