Alternative Commutes & Bike Right® Commute Route Planning

Help the environment and save money! Take the pledge today to go car free on World Car Free Day, September 22nd or any day that week! This year we’ve teamed up with other Transportation Management Associations (TMAs) to help us promote Car Free Day throughout New Jersey!

Walk, bike, take mass transit or work from home – which can be an easy win if you’re already doing so!

Can’t completely ditch the car? Go “car lite” and help get another car off the road. Consider carpooling for the day to share the commute with a coworker or coordinate to run errands together with a friend or neighbor.

How will you celebrate Car Free Day? Snap a pic and share it with the hashtag #CarFreeNJ and we might feature you! 

Let Us Help You Plan a Commute by BikeInterested in commuting to work but not sure what roads to take? Rely on Avenues in Motion’s expert knowledge to guide you to the safest and most convenient roads to make your bike commute an easy one.

Our staff of experienced bike commuters and coaches will take the time to assess your work location and nearby bicycle infrastructure. After our assessment, we will email you a detailed report that will include various routes and infrastructure information including:

  • Street bicycle “ride-ability”
  • Terrain
  • Public Transit Information
  • Park and Ride Information
  • Tips on riding gear and what to wear

If you live or work in Avenues in Motion’s service area and would like to know more about your bike routing options, contact Omeed Rahin at (973) 267-7600, or email him with the following information:

  • Your start and end locations
  • Your earliest/latest commuting times to and from work
  • Your level of comfort riding on streets with moderate to heavy traffic

NEW- Mapping Out Bike Parking

Wouldn’t it be better to just easily view all the available bike parking nearby on a map? We have a tool for that–our handy Map-It Tool! But we can’t manage it alone. Help us identify bike parking gaps in our area so we can advocate for more parking options!

And you can be entered into a raffle for helping us out!

Here’s how to get started:

  1. First, scan the code to bring up a link to our crowdsourcing mapping tool.
  2. Then, pin the rack location, add a few notes to help us verify it and the number of potential parking spots.
  3. Next, leave your email for a chance to win in our quarterly raffle drawling!

We’ll update our website’s Map-It page regularly for you to refer back to and access when you’re out and about!