Education Programs

Avenues in Motion offers free, standards-based, in class, education programs for Kindergarten through 8th grade students. Each interactive program helps students develop skills to identify and safely respond to traffic safety hazards as a pedestrian or bicyclist. Avenues in Motion’s facilitators work with one classroom at a time so each session is entirely interactive with games, activities and challenges. Avenues in Motion offers standard workshops for each age level but can also customize a program to suit your areas of interest or time limitations. Contact us to discuss which program is the best fit to give your students the tools to choose safe, active transportation.

Ready To Walk and Roll

Kindergarten-2nd Grade, Designed for Classroom Setting, 40 minutes

Students collaborate to create a model neighborhood while reviewing safety infrastructure and traffic signs. Their streetscape becomes the stage for an interactive, storytelling experience. A facilitator leads a “choose your own adventure” narrative about students walking and biking to school. Students manipulate physical characters around the streetscape and identify safety hazards along the route. These hazards include passing a driveway on a sidewalk, interacting with traffic control devices, crossing the street and communicating with drivers. Students work together to decide the safest response and practice how to share the road with all users.

**NEW** Walk & Roll Virtual Program! Join two students’ journeys as they walk and bike to school. Learn important safety tips and so much more along the way. To schedule your virtual Safe Routes to School program with us contact our Safe Routes to School Coordinator, Jessica Johnson here.

Traffic Safety Town

3rd-5th Grade, Designed for Gymnasium, 1 Class Period

Avenues in Motion fills a standard gym with a sprawling streetscape for an immersive, hands on experience. Students review traffic signs, signals and laws then navigate the neighborhood as drivers, bike riders and pedestrians. Through guided exercises and independent decision-making, students practice nonverbal communication between all road users, acting predictably in the traffic system and responding to hazards. Students demonstrate the responsibilities of each road user to create a safer shared environment

Bike Driver’s Ed

6th-8th Grade, Designed for Gymnasium or Outdoor Space, 1 Class Period

This off-bike program equips students with the tools they need to get around safely on two wheels. Students review traffic signs and laws through movement activities and games to identify bike rider’s rights and responsibilities. Students identify the most common crashes for riders their age and discuss how to share the road with drivers and pedestrians. Through role play, students demonstrate safe and unsafe responses to hazardous situations. Students work in teams to complete an engineering challenge to explore the importance of wearing a helmet and learn proper helmet fit.

Road Rules

6th-8th Grade, Designed for Gymnasium or Outdoor Space, 1 Class Period

This program explores the importance of acting predictably within the traffic system. Games and group activities challenge students to think critically about hazards they may encounter moving around town with more independence and the appropriate responses. Students review road signs and practice nonverbal communication with other road users through active games. Through group discussion, students identify traffic situations that cause the most crashes for pedestrians their age. Students then collaborate in small groups to develop skits, performed on a streetscape stage, demonstrating safe and unsafe responses to these hazard scenarios.

Outside of Class Options

These programs may be adapted for your extracurricular group! Contact us to discuss building a program to bring interactive pedestrian or bike safety to your nontraditional setting. You may also consider an on-bike workshop, hosted by Avenues in Motion League of American Bicyclists certified coaches.