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Adult On-Bike Classes

Not only is bicycling a fun past time and a dynamic work out, it’s also a sustainable form of transportation that can get you safely to your destination. Our certified Bike Right® instructors offer a variety of FREE adult bicycle education programs designed to fit your current riding ability and future goals. Our courses range from full-length bicycle trainings to succinct need-to-know workshops.

Scroll through our variety of programs below to learn how you or your organization can start to Bike Right® today! For more information or to schedule one of our Bike Right® education programs please click here to contact Omeed Rahin or call (973) 267-7600.


Despite what some may think, learning to ride a bike as an adult is no harder than learning as a kid. Join us for this beginner’s class where you will push those grown-up fears aside and finally tame the “wild, geared stallion!”

Our Bike Right® instructors will get you rolling confidently and safely on two wheels by using the “balance first” method. This effective strategy starts with removing your bike’s pedals, forcing you to master balance and control above all else. Participants will learn basic starting, stopping and steering techniques. We will also review proper helmet and bike fit. Most people learn to ride in one session and you’ll leave equipped with an easy, low-stress way to continue practicing behind the handlebars.


Whether you are someone who is just getting back in the saddle or a seasoned cyclist, the Smart Cycling on-bike clinic has something for everyone. The focus of this clinic is on drills that help master the techniques necessary for road riding such as effective starting, stopping, signaling, scanning and object and crash avoidance. Culminating with a group ride, participants will gain the skills necessary for safe and confident road and trail riding.

Adult Off-Bike Workshops

Invite a Bike Right® instructor indoors and off-bike to work with you or your organization in any of the following ways.


The Bicycle Friendly Driver program is geared towards delivery and fleet drivers, but includes knowledge useful to all drivers. Through interactive discussions and videos, participants learn the principles for sharing the road safety with people on bicycles. We’ll cover local law for both motorists and bicyclists, common crashes and how to avoid them, safe passing and how to navigate bicycle infrastructure.


Thinking about commuting to work by bike, but not exactly sure how to get started? A Bike Right® instructor will work with you to design a bike friendly route, select the proper gear to make your ride more enjoyable and provide tips and tricks on how to avoid arriving to work wrinkled and sweaty. Sometimes strength and confidence is better achieved in numbers, so as a way to insure your readiness, we will offer to suit up and ride with you one time either from home to work or vice versa.


The Smart Cycling curriculum is designed to develop confidence and competence of a bicycle rider. You’ll want to attend this workshop if you’re looking to add more cycling in your life or to improve your current understanding of core content. Participants will review how to best choose a bicycle, essential equipment, local bike law, as well as how to safely and comfortably ride your bike in various traffic conditions, terrain and climates. This workshop will cover the building blocks to meet the needs of any rider and we will be happy to work with you on a curriculum tailored to your needs.