Pedestrian Safety

Pedestrian Safety Tips: 

Walking is an active and healthy way to get around, but staying safe while crossing the street and walking along roadways is important. Some people walk for recreation and exercise, but not everyone drives or has access to a car. Many people walk to transit stops, to work, to get food and access other necessary needs. We want you to get to and from your destination safely with these tips: 

Drivers should always share the road with pedestrians: Visit our driving safety tips page for ways to safely share the road with others. 

It is best to cross where drivers expect to see you: 

  • Cross at marked crosswalks or cross at corners (did you know a corner is considered an “unmarked” crosswalk?).  
  • If you need to cross midblock or outside of a crosswalk, give the right-of-way to drivers before crossing 

Traffic signals are also for pedestrians, not just drivers: At signalized intersections 

  • First, press the button 
  • Cross with the “Walk” Signal 
  • Do not start crossing if the “Don’t Walk” signal is counting down or flashing, but you can finish crossing if you already started 
  • Do not cross when the “Don’t Walk” is solid. When pedestrians have the “Don’t Walk” signal, usually oncoming drivers have a green light.  

Before crossing: make eye contact with a driver, hold out your hand to show that you want to cross, and make sure you see the driver coming to a stop  

Walk on the sidewalk: If no sidewalk is available, walk facing oncoming traffic 

Most serious pedestrian crashes happen at night1: If you can, bring something reflective to wear on your nighttime walk. Reflective items can help you be seen up to 500 feet away! 

Don’t walk distracted: Put away your phone, disconnect from other distractions, be alert, and focus on where you are walking 

Older adults and children are most at risk for pedestrian crashes. Please see our older adult safety page and Safe Routes to School page to find out more about our programs for these age groups.

For more information on pedestrian safety information and programs, please contact Laura Cerutti here.

Additional pedestrian safety tips & resources: