Safe Routes to School

The New Jersey Department of Transportation has partnered with Avenues in Motion, Inc., to administer a statewide education and encouragement program.  AIM advocates for and implements programs that make walking and bicycling around our neighborhoods and schools fun, easy, safe and healthy for all students and families.  Safe Routes to School initiatives also help ease traffic jams and air pollution, reduce our reliance on cars, unite neighborhoods and contribute to students’ readiness to learn in school.

AIM offers a variety of FREE programs that access the far-reaching benefits of walking and/or bicycling to school.  AIM staff works not only with students, but with school administrators, faculty, parents and law enforcement officials to create safe and healthy environments for our children.  Whether it is coordinating special events such as the Walking School Bus or Bike-to-School Day, presenting in-class bicycle safety training programs or involving students in walkability studies, AIM staff provides the education and encouragement needed to foster the creation of livable, and safer communities.

6 E’s of Safe Routes to School

·        Engagement– Start a conversation about bike and pedestrian concerns and needs in your community

·        Education– Ask about our bicycle and pedestrian safety education programs

·        Encouragement– Plan a Walk and Bike to School Day to encourage kids to be active on their way to school!

·        Engineering– Plan a walkability or bikeability assessment and School Travel Plan

·        Evaluation– Ask about Student Arrival and Dismissal Tallies to analyze student transportation means

·        Equity– AIM is ensuring that our programs benefit all demographic groups

For additional information about the Safe Routes to School Program, please contact Lisa Leone at (973)267-7600 or send her an email here.