Idling vehicles increase the amount of harmful air pollution students and staff breathe daily, especially around school arrival and departure times, and despite the fact that children are particularly vulnerable. An effective anti-idling campaign makes the environment around schools safer for children and parents to walk and bicycle to school by reducing traffic, fuel consumption, and air pollution.

TransOptions’ programs provide air quality information that can motivate, support, and demonstrate the success of your school’s clean air campaign. Our air quality monitor deployed at school pick-up and drop-off locations can provide more in-depth information than observation tallies alone, and our real-time visible monitor assessments can be a powerful compliance motivator for drivers. 

We can also assist your team with sustainability certification by providing additional background education on or actual readings of air quality, allowing you to report with real data on reduced levels of pollutants. By taking environmental action for better air now, your school is in a stronger position to see improved health, behavioral, and academic outcomes over time.

Clean air is also good for business! Main Street, too, can benefit greatly from go-green initiatives including idle-free zones. Keep your storefront beautiful and inviting by minimizing the smell and sound of idling vehicles nearby. TransOptions can provide appealing, informative resources to help you create a curbside pickup program that is safer and healthier for your customers, employees, and our environment.