Carpool / Vanpool


Reduce stress, save money and lower your carbon footprint by sharing a ride to work. Carpooling is an easy way to combat the stress and financial strain of driving alone. Whether you carpool with your spouse or pick up a coworker along the way, every trip counts.

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Register your carpool with Avenues in Motion and start receiving benefits like our Emergency Ride Home program instantly.

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Free carpool matching assistance is powered by, New Jersey’s largest free commuter network. Commuters can register and find other individuals looking to share a ride.

VanpoolA vanpool consists of 5-15 people who commute to work using a van leased by a third party vendor. Vanpool members pay a monthly fee based on round-trip mileage and do not have to deal with the hassle of long-term contracts or vehicle maintenance. As an added benefit, NJ Transit offers a monthly sponsorship in the amount of $175 to each vanpool. New Jersey has two authorized vanpool providers in the state, Commute with Enterprise and Archbald Van Pool/Propst Transportation.

Already have a vanpool?

Register your vanpool with us and start receiving benefits like our Emergency Ride Home program and the NJ Transit Vanpool Sponsorship.

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Check out to start the process. You can register for free, or you can explore your options before you register.

Lose a rider?

No problem. Along with providing a list of potential replacements, Avenues in Motion can help you cover the cost of your empty seat. Vanpool coordinators are eligible to apply for a subsidy twice per calendar year to give them time to find a new rider.


For more information about carpooling, vanpooling, or ridematching, contact Justin Jenkins at or call (973) 267-7600.