Materials and Resources

This page outlines the materials provided and materials needed to construct a solar-powered vehicle. Students are encouraged to consider using materials that might be found around the house. Lists of suggested materials and/or advice on design and building techniques can also be found in the booklets linked below. Photos and videos of model cars from previous years can be found in our YouTube Library.

Please visit our main Junior Solar Sprints page for additional details about this year’s competition.


Kits contain: 1 set of gears, 1 motor, 1 battery holder, 2 alligator clips, 2 front wheels, 2 back wheels with rubber bands, 2 axles and paperclips.

We encourage creativity in the design process but students must use the following materials as provided by Avenues in Motion:

  • The Pitsco 280 motor, 1 per car
  • The Pitsco Ray Catcher Solar Panel, 1 per car
  • The cars must be able to run on both solar and battery (1 AA) in case of bad weather on race day

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DIY Balloon Car