Motorcycle Safety

By the numbers…Motorcyclists are dying in record numbers, with five motorcycle fatalities in Sussex County alone in 2011. Nationwide, motorcycle fatalities are on the rise. Between 2003 and 2007, 377 motorcyclists died on New Jersey’s highways and that number continues to rise from year to year.

About 2,500 motorcycles are involved in crashes each year on New Jersey’s roadways, according to the Federal Highway Authority. Motorcyclists are 25 times more likely than car passengers to die in motor vehicle traffic crashes and five times more likely to be injured per vehicle mile traveled (VMT) (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 2011). They are 58 times more likely to be killed than passenger vehicle occupants on a per trip basis (Beck, Dellinger, & O’Neil, 2007).

Every rider’s best defense against injury is to obey laws and wear protective clothing and equipment – especially HELMETS!


Motorcyclist Safety Tips:

  • Drive Defensively – assume motorists do not see you and plan escape routes.
  • Make Yourself Visible – Wear bright colored and reflective clothing. Do not linger in “blind spots.” Adjust your lane position.
  • Give Yourself Time and Space to React – Do not tailgate. Use the “Two Second Rule” or the “Four Second Rule” to create space between you and vehicles ahead of you.
  • Avoid Sudden Braking or Turning When Driving on Wet Roads or Gravel – with only two tires, motorcycles have less tire traction than other vehicles.
  • Enhance Your Skills with Education – New Jersey offers various safety and skills courses, for riders new and old.
  • Never drink alcohol or take medications while riding.
  • Never ride if you are tired.

How can Avenues in Motion help?Avenues in Motion has established a program regarding Motorcycle safety and the importance for all motorists to share the road responsibly. For more information about this program, call Anne Vivino at (973) 267-7600 or send her an email here.